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Sales Management Motivation Secrets.

In a work environment more than money people are in need of one thing which they consider as a driving force for their work. That is praise and appreciation for their work well done. But unfortunately managers and employers don’t do that. Some people state they don’t know how to give it. Others don’t know what to give appreciation for. Yet others say they are too busy to give appreciation.

When dealing with sales and marketing people in a company, they are in need of motivation for their work because of the kind of hectic job they do. There can be many factors for the appreciation. But the first and foremost one is being specific. Rather than being abstract, managers can be specific on what they are appreciating for. Because employees tend to feel that their work has been reviewed in detailed manner and has been appreciated.

The second factor is that the credits should be given at right time. The further the distance in time, the less impact it will have to motivate the employee.

The next one is being fair. Clearly the rules for appreciation should be stated by their management, so that everyone understands how it is earned. Consistency must be followed when showing appreciation. Showing appreciation for one action and then discussing a potential corrective action for another action must not be there.

Next secret would be praising their work works best when done publicly in meetings, in front of team members, especially management. Posting success stories via email, voicemail, in-house newsletters can also be a great motivating factor.

Employees should be asked about what motivates them. For some people money can be motivating. Still management should try to satisfy it. Although financial compensation is important, there are lots of ways to make money and lots of company to work for. Managers can give their staffs an ongoing reason to be proud of what they do. How is your product contributing to society? Making the world a happier, healthier, saner, safer, more accessible and productive place to live? .Using weekly sales meetings to reinforce the organization’s or division’s purpose.

With wireless communications and the Internet, all are becoming too accessible. The line between work time and home time is dangerously blurred. Although sales persons never stop representing the companies they work for, there must be a clear demarcation.

Sales team should be encouraged to get a life! Nothing nurtures the soul, boosts morale and keeps stress to a minimum like being able to spend time with friends and loved ones or engaging in activities that have nothing to do with work.

Sales staff should be treated equitably. The temptation to give your star salesperson preferential treatment should be avoided. If deadlines there, they apply to everyone. The same applies for procedures and policies. Consider streamlining certain policies that prevent your sales team from being effective or closing the deal.

When sales people feel that the work culture doesn’t satisfy them, manager should become a catalyst for change and make things happen. Managers should support their employees and become a coach and mentor. Accountability starts at the top and works its way down.

When these are followed management for sure can see a remarkable improvement and profit in their sales department.