How to Close Inbound B2B Sales Leads in 6 Steps

As we all know, lead generation is the marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in order to develop a pipeline for Sales. But in most B2B businesses, their marketing funnel is more like a leaky colander. So I’ve perfected: ‘The definitive 6-step B2B inbound sales check-list’!

There’s a wealth of information available online nowadays, buyers do a lot of their research online before ever wanting to speak to someone in the Sales team. Today’s buyers are able to research and shop around for services so that the purchasing cycle is increasingly directed by THEM NOT YOU.

But that doesn’t mean that your sales team is obsolete, far from it! A survey by Acquity Group revealed that more than 95% of corporate buyers still call upon the assistance of Sales in the purchasing process.

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What this means is that sales and marketing teams must work together to drive decision making with a joined up process. So if your marketing team are generating inbound sales leads, how do they join-up activities to sales?

The jargon calls this “alignment of the sales and marketing cycle to that of the buying cycle’. Put more simply; it’s a consultative sales process where you don’t sell, you help the customer buy. It’s a subtle but important difference:

According to Hubspot, there are six key principles to the inbound sales process:

How to implement the six-step inbound selling checklist:

This may all sound wonderful in theory but what practical steps can you take to transform your sales tone from an intrusive nuisance to a wise and trusted adviser?

Regardless of where and why your prospect has entered the pipeline, the key to inbound selling is that the raison d’etre of your Sales team will be to fuel the customer make up their own minds about your service or product, rather than tell them what to do.

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